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    Perth Bariatric Chair

    Today's healthcare facilities should carefully consider the needs of the bariatric client. With seating continuity across four collections including Perth® bariatric chairs, KI provides comfort and design requirements that meet the most rigorous testing standards.

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    GateOne Seating

    Comfort is achieved with GateOne's® spacious seat and high backrest. GateOne tandem seating is the ideal choice anywhere waiting area seating with a contemporary design.

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    Rado Occasional Tables

    The unusual angles and exceptional eye appeal of Rado™ occasional tables bring a confident, stylish accent to a wide variety of spaces.

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    Lancaster Auditorium Seating

    Lancaster® auditorium seating features plush comfort, power and data access and low life-cycle costs. Increase learning and retention by providing comfortable seating for students. Built to ensure trouble-free longevity, Lancaster seating is durable and easy to maintain.

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    Affina Patient Chair

    Bridging visual continuity from the lobby and waiting room into the patient room, the Affina patient chair offers vital respite along the path to patient recovery.

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    Jubi Guest Chair

    Jubi is a simple, practical, bucket-style chair that envelops users in comfort.

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    Front Row Seats

    Front Row Seats® folding chairs offer the option to silkscreen artwork on the seat alone or seat and backrest for an additional branding opportunity for your school or business.

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    Intellect Activity Table

    Whether it's fluctuating class sizes, fluid teaching styles or tightened budgets, the Intellect classroom activity table is designed to handle the many challenges of today's learning environments.

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    Soltice Recliners

    Soltíce Recliners accommodate the need for comfort and safety. The sleek, clean style is combined with contoured support to make the patient feel at home.

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    Perth Multiple Seating

    KI's Perth® patient chairs are ergonomically designed while providing a high level of comfort. From the sturdiness of the stationary chair to the dynamic rocking of the motion chair, the Perth patient chair is as pleasing to look at is it is to sit in.